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Morri Creech. Morri Creech poetry, Morri Creech Sleep of Reason

The Sleep of Reason



Morri Creech's third collection of poems, The Sleep of Reason, is a lyrical examination of liminal states of consciousness and experience – the shadowy terrain between sleep and waking, dream and nightmare, life and death, history and the present moment. Including both a surprising take on Keats's "Ode to a Nightingale" and a dark meditation on the perils of the sublime, The Sleep of Reason explores the anxieties, horrors, and dreams that flash just beneath the surface of the waking mind, combining formal elegance and an acknowledgment of literary tradition with a fresh, contemporary voice.

Morri Creech. Morri Creech poetry, Morri Creech Field Knowledge

Field Knowledge

ISBN-13: 978-1-904130-23-9

A note about Field Knowledge

Field Knowledge, Morri Creech's second collection, is a series of lyrical meditations on the limits and perils of knowledge, the beauty of experience and its inherent deceptions. Covering a breadth of subjects – from poems about his own family and the connections between local landscape and collective memory, to evocations of Giotto, Newton, and Primo Levi – Creech explores both the familiar world and its hidden mysteries. Many of the poems in this collection share with its predecessor an interest in theological subjects: here are dramatic monologues in the voices of Job and his wife, even an "Elegy for Angels". Other poems evoke both the mysteries and terrors of science, as when Oppenheimer first beholds "the radiant god, shatterer of worlds" in "In the Orchards of Science". Still others examine the cost of experience through a variety of historical and fictional characters, including Marvell's coy mistress, Simone Weil, and Rousseau. Ranging from the humorous to the elegiac, employing both free verse and structured formal stanzas, Creech's lush poems explore the sting of experience while luxuriating in "the honey of knowledge."


Morri Creech. Morri Creech poetry, Morri Creech Paper Cathedral

Paper Cathedrals

ISBN-13: 9780873387163

​Displaying a range of voices and subjects--from dramatic monologues in the voices of Judas Iscariot and John the Baptist to harrowing personal lyrics of family, time, memory, and loss--Creech's poems examine the difficulties of belief and the transcendent possibilities of common experience, pushing beyond mere surfaces to explore the "kingdom of desire."

Paper Cathedrals confronts the tensions between the here and hereafter, gravity and grace, and religious faith and an allegiance to the passing, sensual world.


Listening to the Earth


​Put simply, Robert ParkeHarrison and Morri Creech are the two best American artists in their respective fields under forty years old. They are also gifted craftsmen who share a similar artistic, spiritual and ecological vision. Robert ParkeHarrison's fantastic landscapes resonate with both imaginative whimsy and a sense of mysterious foreboding. Prize-winning poet Morri Creech has created eleven brilliant new poems to complement these diverse images. Here the art of these individuals comes together in a unique synergy, offering us the chance to visit strange new worlds of pure imagination.


The Book of Life


​The Book of Life blends the dynamic and whimsical photographs of Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison with the perfectly matched voice of poet Morri Creech. The result is a true masterpiece of fine bookmaking, combining sumptuous platinum prints, lyrical eloquence, and craftsmanship of the highest order.


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